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One of Trade Unit spheres is solid fuel market. Solid fuel is one of the most ecological, economical and currently one of the most popular heating methods. There are many choices of solid fuel boilers, so now it remains to choose the right fuel.




Birch firewood is the most popular long time ago, because they are very torrid, however they are suitable for tile stoves and fireplaces. Birch firewood burns long while, tall and straight flame. 
Calorific value - ~19MJ/kg;
Moister is <15%;
Cut and split in 30cm length;
Packed in wooden 2m
3 (cubic meters) containers;
Dimensions of container: 1.12cm x 0.96cm x 1.87cm;
We also have oak wood, packed in 30, 40 l. bags.

Peat is organic material, which consists of partially decomposed plants, remainders of wood and mould. Peat briquettes combust easily, they can burn in solid fuel boilers, household boilers, fireplaces, etc.
Calorific value – ~15 MJ/kg;
Moister - <17%
Ash-content – <15%;
Shape of briquettes depends on the moulding press matrix;
Packed in 12kg, 800kg big-bags or in 1 ton (t.) bags;
Also we have peat briquettes packed in 10 kg.

Sawdust briquettes are ecologically clean solid fuel, intended for heating in various boilers and fireplaces. Briquettes are made of oak wood. Any binders are used for their manufacturing.
Calorific value is ~19MJ/kg;
Moister – <8%;
Ash content – <0.5%;
Shape – brick;
Dimensions of 1 briquette: 6cm x 15cm x 9cm;
Packed in 10kg polythene bags. 12 briquettes in 1 bag;
It is possible to put label to the buyer.
Also we have NESTRO briquettes.

We sell the lignin, mix bio pellets.


Prices depend on the amount you buy!
About price, please fill free to contact .



All the products are in our storage; therefore we can promise you the qualitative and fast service. 
Our main goal is to provide our customers the high quality materials from the reliable manufacturers, to ensure the high quality of service, to save the time of our customers and to guarantee stable and profitable business.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contacts us . We will be happy answering them and helping you. We are hoping for our further collaboration! 


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