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Auto service favors

Car preparation for maintenance inspection:

  • Diagnostic of chassis problems;
  • Repairing of car chassis;
  • Restoration of joints, rods, giving 50 000 km. up to 2 year guarantee;
  • Wheel mounting and balancing;
  • Engine oil replace;
  • Mufflers repair and replace;
  • Clutch repair and replace;
  • Brake system repair;
  • Other works;
  • Auto parts.


Electro parts repairs:

  • Service of auto electrician;
  • Cars diagnostics with computers;
  • Starters and generators repair;
  • Installation of sound / visual equipment;
  • Installation of Xenon car lights;
  • Installation and mounting of parking systems;
  • Other works.


Car body repair:

  • Car geometry reconstruction;
  • Preparation and painting of cars, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles;
  • Welding works;
  • Repair of plastic parts;
  • Preparation and painting of wheels;
  • Insurable accident damage assessment, negotiations with insurance company, repair works;
  • Paint selection and painting;
  • Parts. 


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