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PC "LUTORA" from 1996 provides car repair services, restoration of joints and rods and repair of the chassis. On 2011 PC "LUTORA celebrated 15years anniversary. In 2013 08 013 status from PC changed to JSC. "We can safely assume, that right from the beginning we were (and still we are) the only reliable company in the region of Siauliai city, performing the restoration of hinges and rods, giving the 50 000 km up to 2 year guarantee.  Company was expanding its activities and for this day we can offer the wide range of services for your car. 

- Auto service (repairs of chassis, restoration of joints, services of auto electrician, car body’s repairs, painting and other services.)
- Auto tuning (tuning, audio installation, aerography, restoration of old and classic cars and other services.)
- New vehicles (We will find any car you would be searching, we’ll buy it and deliver from USA, Europe, UAE and elsewhere. We also help with registration of the vehicle.)
- Used cars (we will help to participate in buying and delivering used cars from USA, UK Copart and other auctions, defected and in good fettle, we’ll help you to find best options for You.)


Our team is guided by the motto:
"We are improving ourselves to live, we live for a reason to grow, and every successful project is one more step to success."


Destination of our activities:
price, work quality, satisfied clients.

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