Auto tuning services

From 2006 year we are performing changes of car’s exterior and interior design, also styling and decoration. We have long term experience, wish to improve, possibilities to give these services: 



  • We wrapping cars with 3M, KPMF, ORACAL foil.
  • Projection service, coordinated with client requests;
  • Partial or full change of car exterior design;
  • We are producing supplements from fiber glass:
    • front and rear bumpers;
    • thresholds;
    • fenders and arches (rear fenders);
    • car hoods, capotes;
    • roof vent and hood vent;
    • car “eyebrows”;
    • deflectors (roof);
    • stabilizers on the trunk;
    • rear spoiler;
    • engine protection coverage;
  • preparation for painting;
  • exhaust system adjusting;
  • wheel selection, change of wheel parameters;
  • Improvements to the engine compartment;
  • Installation of sound isolation;
  • Sound and visual equipment installation;
  • Lifted door (LSD) installation;
  • Painting:
    • aerography;
    • changing vehicle color;
    • painting of vehicles in several colors;
  • Other works.



  • Moto tuning;
  • Exterior development;
  • Aerography;
  • Other services.


  • Repair works of boats, cutters exterior;
  • Exterior improvement;
    • Production of rooftop, spoiler;
  • Preparation for painting and painting;
  • Installation of sound and visual equipment;
  • Trailer repair, painting;
  • Other works.
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