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Cooperation possibilities

"LUTORA" joint stock company engaged in a wide range of activities. As soon as it was opened, company started offering car repair and maintenance of wide services. With a flexible and energetic team, the company sought to distinguish themselves from other firms offering car repair services. It first opened in Siauliai for hinges and rod restoration services according to customers' orders from the United States began to carry new and used cars, also company found itself in external and internal car decoration.

Over the years, and enduring the collective, the company began to look more and new business niches, which could reveal its potential. This led to several activities, which are rapidly expanding and developed into separate units.

Now, "LUTORA" - it is 17 years counting company, which operates not only in Lithuania but also in foreign markets, with a very extensive practice, professional team with a lot of optimism and persistence to overcome the high level of ambition. The company currently is engaged not only in auto service, import, export, but also the creation of new investment projects and their realization.



  • For enterprises enter into contracts for automobile repair, maintenance and care.
  •  We accept the insurance companies looking for not cheap but quality services for the client.
  • For us every customer is expensive and important, if he’s looking for a new or for used car for himself, or for a company car park.
  • We will fulfill most secret desires for your car improvement and in tuning.
  • We would assist in repairing and restoration of your favorite car regardless of how old it is.
  • We can not only improve the car, but also boats, ship, motorcycle, scooter, snowmobile or jet skis, and other vehicles.
  • SPECIAL OFFER to persons who have relations, contacts who need our services, we are ready to cooperate with you.


  • Will help realize your business ideas to realize the implementation of the project.
  • Provide assistance in finding an investor, partner, or financial resources to your project.
  • Will help to buy or sell idea, company, and project.
  • We are looking for energy, real estate or other projects for the purchase or co-operation.
  • SPECIAL OFFER for energetic young people, we are ready to help You in realizing Your ideas, accepting You as partners into projects. Please contact us with any ideas regarding investing question, we believe that cooperation can achieve more.


  • Our help for discovering new market to Your offered products and goods.
  • We are ready to buy and realize by ourselves the production you are making in other market, not discovered by You yet.
  • We would include our entire struggle to discover product for Your needs, goods, services for the conditions suitable to You.
  • We would help to receive or send your goods from/to USA, China, Russia or any Europe country.
  • We have trucks, that are ready to deliver Your production anywhere in the Europe.
  • There are possibilities to sell your production or goods in Russian market.
  • SPECIAL OFFER for everyone, who has ant contract, possibility to receive high quality products, goods at competitive price, we’ll help You to sell it. If you have seller and buyer we are ready to become your partner and finance your contract. 




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